13 True Adventure Books for Aspiring Tech Divers (Published by TDI)

Because I am a hopeless wreck diving romantic, I’ve compiled a list of the great nail-biting reads that over the years have inspired and informed me.

The 13 books on this list include:

  1. Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson
  2. Silent World by Jacques Cousteau
  3. Deep Descent by Kevin McMurray
  4. Dark Descent by Kevin McMurray
  5. Diving into Darkness by Phillip Finch
  6. Fatally Flawed by Verna van Schaik
  7. Caverns Measureless to Man by Sheck Exley
  8. Where Divers Dare by Randall Peffer
  9. Dragon Sea by Frank Pope
  10. Setting the Hook by Peter Hunt
  11. Submerged by Daniel Lenihan
  12. Neutral Buoyancy by Tim Ecott
  13. The Last Dive by Bernie Chowdhury

You can read the full article on TDI’s blog.

Written by Candice Landau
I'm a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, a lover of marine life and all efforts related to marine conservation, a tech diver and a member of various scuba organizations in the Pacific Northwest. I write articles related to diving and spend my non-diving time writing and providing digital marketing services to nonprofits and businesses.