Book Review—Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria

While I have read a few books about diving the Andrea Doria, I still thoroughly enjoyed Deep Descent. Given there is indeed an “Everest-like” obsession surrounding diving this wreck–though there are more technically challenging wrecks–I felt this one merited a book of its own, if for no other reason than the fascinating history surrounding the ship itself and those who have lived and died diving it.

It was a captivating read, was well-written, and followed characters that jumped out of the pages fully formed. It is clear McMurray has done his research. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that he himself is a scuba diver who has dived this very wreck. He knows exactly what to write about to have this book appeal to the hardcore diver as much as the non diving adventure book aficionado.

Deep Descent will take you back to the early days of East Coast wreck diving; will give you insight into the mindset of the people that do it; and if you’re a scuba diver yourself with an interest in wreck diving, may even send a chill down your spine.

Written by Candice Landau
I'm an active Divemaster, a lover of marine life and all efforts related to marine conservation, a newly certified tech diver and a member of various scuba organizations in the Pacific Northwest. I write articles related to diving and spend my non-diving time writing and providing digital marketing services to nonprofits and businesses.