In my opinion, Diver Down is best read after you’ve put in few dives but while you are still in the early stages of your diving career.

It serves as a good reminder of what you learned in Open Water and Advanced and what you’ve picked up from diving experiences since then.

To protect the identities of divers mentioned in the book, no real names are used, and I assume situations, locations and some other details are also further adapted. Unfortunately this takes away a little of the interest. I understand the need for anonymity, but it does make the book feel very much like a student textbook.

The title of the book may initially be off-putting but the incidents, even in the cases where death is involved, are dealt with academically. So, it will not put you off diving, just better equip you to do it well!

Although a useful book, it definitely doesn’t top my list of “pleasure reads.

Written by Candice Landau
I'm a self-proclaimed scuba diving fanatic. I was certified in August 2016 and since then have not been able to get enough. I am an active Divemaster and am prepping for tech diving. These are my adventures aquatic...